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Information for schools

  • Encourage the children to watch the Introductory Video 


  • Hand out the resources to each child

  • Ensure that each child immediately completes the front panel of the Sticker Booklet 

  • Please explain to the children that they must take care of the resources provided to them as there are no direct replacements for misplaced or wasted items

    • colour pdf's are available on the website to print replacement copies from, if necessary - but these will just be plain paper and not self-adhesive stickers or bound booklets

    • These plain paper copies will be acceptable to submit at the end of the Project 

  • Check that the children understand the simple information that they are required to record for each walk in the small grids at the bottom of pages 4 to 11 and in the "Total Miles" discs at the end of each Scene on pages 5, 7, 9 and 11 

  • Distances to be recorded in miles 

  • Distance approximations are acceptable 1 mile = approx 1.5 km, 2 miles = approx 3 km 

  • If you have any children with a medical condition that might make walking 2 miles difficult, please use your discretion and set them a more appropriate personal target 

  • Explain the optional "How many can you spot ?" exercise on pages 12 & 13 - this is just to add a little interest to the walks

  • At the end of the Project, the children MUST complete Page 14 - this must be completed to receive a medal !

    • Transfer the total distances from the discs on pages 5, 7, 9 and 11 onto page 14 and then add the 4 figures together to get Total Distance Covered

    • Complete ALL questions of the Questionnaire as this will provide us with valuable information

  • Highlight the Free Prize Quiz on page 15 and the prizes that are available 

  • Answer any initial general questions that the children might have 

  • Periodically encourage the children to watch the additional Video bites & check the childrens' progress and remind them & encourage participation

  • At the end of the project ( 31th October 2022 ) collect in the completed / part-completed Sticker Booklets ( not the Guide Booklets as these are to be retained by families ) and arrange return in one lot to WTT

  • Hand out medals that WTT will provide, to the children who have submitted Booklets 

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