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County Durham
Primary Schools


Congratulations on completing the project!

Correct Answers


    Seth Ibinson                  South Hetton                  East Durham    

HW-gold-medal-photo 2.png

5 Lucky Winners

    Lydia Stevenson           Nevilles Cross Primary          Durham    

    Hayden Underwood             Consett Juniors              Derwent    

    John Garside            Ox Close Primary            Spennymoor    

    Emma Taylor                       Hartside                          3 Towns    


What’s it about? 

It’s about getting you and your families walking to improve physical health and mental wellbeing. It’s also about discovering our local area

How does it work? 

At the beginning of the project every child will get a sticker book and some stickers. Every time you walk 2 miles or more with a parent, guardian or responsible adult you stick a sticker into your booklet. We will also give your parents an information booklet full of exciting places where you and your family can go walking. 


The project is only for County Durham Primary Schools
and it covers Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5 pupils.
Participation of a school in the Project is FREE.


Introduction Video


Bitesize Videos


Complete the Project and get your Medal

When you have finished the booklet, hand it back to your teacher. You have until October 31st to fill your sticker booklet. The school will then collect them in and send them back to us. We will send you the The Home Walk Project’s Medal of Achievement if you complete the project. Even if you haven’t fully completed the project by October the 31st you will still get our Medal of Participation if you hand your booklet in.

You MUST complete all sections of the Questionnaire on page 14 to receive your medal.

HW-gold-medal-photo 2.png
Prize Draw

Free Prize Quiz

Answers to all of the questions on page 15 can be found on the relevant websites. Get all 8 answers correct and you will be entered into a Free Prize Draw.


The 5 lucky winners will be announced by 31/12/2022, and will each win one of 5 bundle of PRIZES, each comprising:

  • £ 100 voucher to spend on hiking gear at Decathlon Gateshead

  • Store - Family Day ticket to Beamish Museum

  • Family Day pass to Raby Castle


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Printable Resources

Printable Resources


Schools can request a printable version of our sticker book and sticker sheet.

I understand commercial use of printable resources is not allowed.


Sponsors without whose help this project would not have been possible

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